Building purpose-driven brands

Building purpose provides brands with an opportunity to differentiate and elevate their position in a crowded and competitive industry.

How consumer packaged goods companies will win in 2021 - part one

Following a year of unprecedented change in the operating environment, this report looks at the priorities of global consumer packaged companies as they continue to adjust to the pandemic-driven environment.

How consumer packaged goods companies will win in 2021 - part two

With a focus on driving top line growth, operating more efficiently and reinvesting in their businesses, this report highlights some of the initiatives underway and the capabilities CPG companies are developing to support these.

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We look at Nestle’s expectations on rising input cost inflation and the prospect for further price increases next year.

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We continue to see the emergence and growth of purpose-driven brands. This includes new to market brands and the repositioning of existing ranges. Once viewed as a strategy for niche start-ups, having a strong purpose has become an important element for many major CPGs. In our new report, Building purpose-driven brands , we dig into the factors underpinning brand purpose, the drivers for ...
In reporting a strong first quarter, with organic sales up 4%, following growth of 9% in the same period last year, the company noted that it expects cost headwinds of over $2bn this year. We look at some of the measures it is taking to offset these. Recovering costs over time Based on current estimates, P&G expects a $2.1bn after-tax commodity headwind and freight and transportation to add...
As it gears up for the critical holiday trading period, we look at the actions Target is taking to ensure it can meet shopper demand. Cost and capacity issues US retailers are facing several supply chain challenges, related to cost and capacity issues. Congestion at ports in Asia and on the US west coast, driven by lockdowns and labour availability, along with the shortage and rapid increas...
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