Five ways technology is changing retail in 2022

In this report we outline the key technology-based trends that will become more prevalent in the year ahead.

Cashierless stores in the UK

In this report, we review the cashierless stores in London, and give our view about what the industry should expect to see next.

Amazon brings ‘Just Walk Out’ to Whole Foods Market

Following plans announced by Amazon last year to launch its ‘Just Walk Out’technology in two Whole Foods Market stores, the first has opened in Washington, D.C. 

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Tesco has officially opened another cashierless store in London.

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Israeli-based Trigo, which has developed technology to power autonomous, or checkout-free stores, has raised $100m in new funding to drive expansion in Europe and the Americas. We look at what this means for the broader sector. Taking the technology to larger stores Trigo has been one of the leading technology partners for retailers to help them develop autonomous shopping experiences. The ...
Walmart is introducing a new programme which will enable influencers and creators monetise their audiences. We look at how it’s doing this and consider whether all retailers need an influencer network. Democratizing access The new Walmart Creator platform has been developed for creators to monetise shoppable products from the retailer by creating engaging, typically video-based, content. Th...
Walmart’s acquisition of Alert Innovation is a signal that it’s ramping up its plans for automated micro-fulfillment (MFC). It’s been a long time coming. What does this move mean for Walmart, the future of MFC, and other companies in the sector? What are the impacts of the acquisition? Walmart can move at pace in this area. The deal brings new expertise to Walmart, enabling it to acceler...
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Four forces of change

To survive and indeed thrive, businesses need to know and understand these four forces and assess the potential impacts and opportunities for their business, and then apply this thinking to their future plans and strategies.

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