Technology trends 2023: task technology

We outline the five leading technologies shaping retail in the year ahead and highlight those that should be on your radar.

AI unleashed: 10 retail companies using ChatGPT

Understanding the potential and limitations of ChatGPT and other generative AI platforms.

Transforming retail with digital signage

Insights and strategies to optimise in-store digital signage.

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A year ago, OpenAI released ChatGPT, thrusting generative AI into the mainstream. Over the last 12 months the technology has continued to evolve. It has been integrated into more business tools, other companies have launched their own generative AI applications and developers now can develop their own GPTs and usher in a new wave of creativity. We look at some of the ways it’s been applied in our industry to date.

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Poland is an intriguing and innovative market with some aggressive growth plans from some retailers and here is the latest… Eurocash Group – revenues exceeded PLN 24.5 billion at end of Q3 Eurocash Group has announced its financial results which means an increase of 8% y-o-y while maintaining a stable EBITDA margin. Big Ben (liquor store) and Frisco (online retail) account for approxim...
Canada’s leading retailer, Loblaw, has developed its own protected gateway, enabling it to leverage the capabilities of generative AI. Text and image generation Garfield has been developed to allow the retailer’s colleagues to interact with Large Language Models (LLMs) in a safe and secure environment. The retailer wanted to leverage the potential of new and emerging LLMs such as ChatGPT an...
Aldi Nord and Lidl are both testing Scan & Go in the Netherlands. Following my visit to their stores, I assess the solutions implemented by the two discounters. The Scan & Go solutions Aldi Aldi has opted to collaborate with Austrian based self-scan experts Shopreme to produce its Scan & Go solution. It is an app-based system, so shoppers need to download the app and register before th...
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